2021 Industrial Railway Safety Conference

Industrial Railway Safety Conference


Join the annual event that has become Canada's #1 Industrial Railway forum for industrial and short line operators, Class 1 operators, regulators, shippers, suppliers, safety training experts, academics and economic development representatives.

Railway safety is a top priority as goods movement by rail continues to be the backbone of the North American economy. Learn about the most current and best practices in the sector, interact with experts on the regulatory process and safety management systems, gain insight into new technologies and equipment, and find out about safety training resources. Together we can make a difference in improving rail safety across North America.
If you have any questions please contact Sarah Whittaker, Event Director at 780.263.0886 or email registration@industrialrailwayconference.com.

ONE-OF-A-KIND FORUM IN CANADA!The importance of safety and productivity in today's industrial railways has never been greater

The increase in volume on our railways, tighter controls and regulation from provincial and federal sources, the demands to perform to standards with existing resources all add up to higher expectations on your company.

The Industrial Railway Safety Conference is here to help you understand how to meet the challenges you face and ensure the right conditions for a thriving and efficient operation.


Premium and Full Sponsorship Opportunities are available for the Industrial Railway Safety Conference.
The founders - Canadian Heartland Training Railway, Northern Plains Rail Companies, and Dominion Railway Services greatly appreciate the support our sponsors and contributors.

2021 Conference Details

While the Pandemic has forced us to reschedule – the Conference will live on!
Details and dates will be announced soon as we plan for our 2021 Conference, Trade Show, and additional special events.
Our success has been solidly based on the collaboration and support of all of you!

Dow Centennial Centre, Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta

This conference is being held at the beautiful and world-class Dow Centennial Centre in Fort Saskatchewan. The event will offer presentations, networking opportunities and useful resources from today's industrial railway leaders.

2021 Keynote Speakers

Eldeen Pozniak
Pozniak Safety

Dave Fennell
Senior Safety Advisor  (retired)
Imperial Oil

Conference Founders

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INDUSTRIAL RAILWAY SAFETY CONFERENCE 8700, 84th Street, Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta Dow Facility Line +1 780-922-6400, Event Director Line +1 780-263-0886

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